[CKEditor] preventing links to external images
Forge component by Matthias Preuter

(I am using outsystems 11, latest version of ckeditor forge component)

Is there a way of stopping users from adding external image links to CKeditor. As per the screenshot below, users can just type in their own URL, but since images are notorious for containing viruses we want to only allow uploaded images (which we should be able virus scan as they are loaded into the CKEditor FILE_CONENT table)

In the ckeditor config, I have removed the ability to add links which seems to have removed the 'link' tab from the dialog box (see image below), but I would also like to remove the ability to type in a URL so that users are forced to use the upload option.




If not possible using the config you can also hide that thing using css also.

like this

.cke_dialog_tabs a:first-child {
    display: none;

but it is only applicable from clit side if somebody inspect the code and remove the display property from none to block it will again appear.

Do let me know if it works.


Pankaj Pant

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