Problem can't change site properties values, update, delete data in the database

I have logic update, delete data in a "students" table, change the value of a site property. It is working nice but when i logout and login again it also working normal but checking database is not change and the site property also is not change. Anybody can help? I use azure login with single sign on


First of all it is a best practise not to change site properties by code.

Did you check the service center error log? Maybe an exception occurred on the database update and that caused the site property not to be changed?




It is not a good practice to change site property Runtime. If you need please check the scope of that one. also, you can add a breakpoint and check it by this way you can able to check the scope of theSite Property value.

I hope this will help you,

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Thanks all. I have resolved my problem. I have error with write logs to google log