RichWidgets - Bulk Select - Little explanation - Little Contribute

RichWidgets - Bulk Select - Little explanation - Little Contribute



I was planning on placing here a question on how to work with bulk select widget, but after some time, i managed to understand it, and would like to explain it here "generally"

1st - The old method is still there! (My first shot was placing the widget inside a table records row...But how would I associate a boolean to it?)

1.1 - Ok, so you have a list with several records, and wish to bulk select them

2 - Create a structure with a boolean attribute

3 - Associate the boolean structure in the output record of ou preparation query

4 - Place a check box inside a table-records row and associate its variable to your boolean

5- Put some links above your table (filling their Name attribute), pointing to the actions you plan to execute on the selected

6- Reference RichWidgets Bulk Select webblock

7- Insert your webblock in the column HEADER, matching the check boxes column.

8- Insert tableRecords.Id; and Link1Name.Id [+","+ Link2Name.Id+","+...]

9- Your link point to screen actions, where should be a cycle logic, that go through each line of your table, check if boolean is toggled, and then applies the desired logic

10 - You may even put some Ajax to it, for example to remove lines in series...

11- Just remember that if you want to refresh table Data, or even data on a single row, Ajax widget is not enough,
you will need to be Agile with ListInsert, and ListDelete built-in functions

12 - Don't forget to set the link method to Ajax, so that ajax can run ;-).

13 - Ignore all of above and just look at the attachments

Hope this was helpful to all of you Agile Brothers.

Question/Suggestion for Outsystems:

In 4.1 you had a full-featured style-guide, using mostly all widgets, which by itself served as example

But now....we have a small customers app, with only two or three widgets being used....

And Ajax capabilities...are wonderful...but more examples would be appreciated. - Per

(List Editing is pretty common i must guess)

Are you planning on building a more "Richer" Template ?

Well, Best Regards,

And keep up the good work,

Diogo C S Cordeiro


Time is relative, and forums are great. Once i had "a doubt", and community was there for me.

Now it's time for some more useful payback.

What comes to the Community stays in the Network ;-)

(Ok ok, so we are in the Network Era, but Community still lives inside the Network )

Hi Diogo,


Thanks for your contribution. This will be very handy if someone tries to find information on this widget in the forums and it would be wonderful if more people would share their knowledge. 

As for the StyleGuide Template it does use all the widgets and has an overview explanation in the Help tab (http://<server>/Template/Help_StyleGuideOverview.aspx).

To see it working with data you need to click the "Click here to load sample data" button.


And be sure to keep those contributions coming :)



Tiago Simões



Well, i guess this is where i stick my head in the sand...

I must say, I learned something with this...

1 - I reiterate and apologize for my late incorrect statements...

2 - The only thing i added on this subject was a way of how to refresh a single row (and perhaps there are better ways?suggestions? )

3 - I advise everyone to explore the template in runtime before arguing about widgets

4 - Open template oml and explore it (all screens, not only the ones you think the widget would be on)

5 - Ask in the forum before you try to reinvent the wheel

6 - While you wait for an answer, probably it would be wise to review some videos from the Academy once in a while...

Thank you Tiago for your feedback, and i apologize once again for my statements,

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

Hi Diogo,


Apologies not accepted as they were not needed in the first place :).

Thank you for "thinking out loud", the problems you have faced can also block many others so please keep on posting in these forums as I'm sure your contributions will help lots of people.



Tiago Simões

Yes thanks for that it was a very good explanation and helped in my project this week. I would say though that when you separate the links it must be with only a comma. Using a comma and space for example will result in only the first link being recognised. Of course nowhere does it every say anything other than a comma but it took me a few minutes to see my mistake.