Question about Input_AutoComplete

Question about Input_AutoComplete


I don't know if this is supposed to be the normal behaviour of this widget but the following is happening.
Example: I have an entity with 5 records

The first time I enter a page and I double-click the input, all 5 records are shown.
If I write something, they are reduced to 3 choices, wich is the expected behaviour. Then I choose one.
I leave the input and then return to it.
I delete what is writen, double-click it and it only shows the 3 from before and not the 5 that initially did. Is this the correct behaviour? I didn't write anything this time so it shouldn't restrict to those 3. Am I thinking correctly or not ?


 Hi Gonçalo,


Yes, you are right, that looks like an issue in that widget.

Could you send an email to so that they can take a look into it?



Tiago Simões

Hi Gonçalo,

I did the steps you described in your post in one of my applications and I did not get the same result. Once the text is cleared and you double click the textbox it shows all the records.

My guess is that your process of retrieving the "auto complete" list might not be 100% correct.
The Style Guide component has a auto complete demo in the Customer_Edit screen under the Template_Customer flow, take a look at that and compare the GetCountryListAutocomplete with yours.

Hope it helps,

Filipe Esteves
Hi Filipe,

I copy/pasted the process from the template provided in the style-guide.
Could you post here the oml where this is working correctly, please, or if the oml is confidential, just the action you use?

My action is exactly the same as the one in the Style Guide as I use it on the exact same context (retrieving the country list). The only difference is the table as I have more than just the name in it.
Filipe and Tiago,

I found the problem and I'm going to report it to the support team.
The wrong behaviour is beeing caused by the "SearchOnlyFromStart" property of the Input_AutoComplete widget, wich is set to "False".

The problem doesn't occur if I set it to "True".

Thanks for the help.