Announcing MABS 6.0 - OutSystems

Hello, fellow community members!

We are very happy to announce the general availability of MABS 6.0. This version is in a progressive rollout and it will become the default version used when building mobile apps.

Why should you choose this MABS version? Well, this new version uses Android 10 (API level 29), iOS 13 and iOS WkWebview engine. So you can still continue to submit your iOS apps to the App Store, in line with the recent Apple announcement, and your Android apps to the Play store (which will probably change around August 2020).

MABS 6.0 uses Cordova Android engine 8.1.0 for Android apps and Cordova iOS engine 5.0.1 for iOS apps, so we highly recommend you revise your plugins to be compatible with this version. Also, with this release, we have dropped the support for iOS 10. For further details, please check MABS 6.0 release notes.

Additionally, to improve troubleshooting capabilities, MABS 6.0 brings a new validator feature that reduces the feedback loop. This validator, for now, checks if a minimum version of supported plugins is required, saving you time and avoiding some known issues (which you can check in the documentation of the plugins). Later on, we will introduce new validations like resources, extensibility configurations, certificates, etc.

MABS 6.0 requires the following versions of Platform Server:

  • OutSystems 10 - 10.0.1016.0 or later
  • OutSystems 11 - 11.0.539.0 or later

These are the supported versions for Android and iOS:

Want to start using it today? Follow these instructions to choose this version, and let us know if you have any questions!

Great now, I think it should resolve some of the keyboard dictation problem in iOS and few of my app which were throwing error in MABS5 got generated without error in MABS 6.

Thanks for your sharing Hugo.

Great news, Hugo! Thanks for share!

Thank you for info

Thanks for info