CMS- Content Management System

CMS- Content Management System


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to use CMS, and even alter the Sample available by downloading the CMS solution from the network (components area), but it's being really hard to get into it....

I was presented with an online demo, but i cannot reproduce the steps, so i can change my contents....

I wonder if anyone has a comprehensive presentation, or if there is a video, that explains how to use the available solution ?

This is because when i changed my content, i only see a blank area...

Best regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
(see message below)
I was testing this CMS Sample in a new environment today and now i am able to change contents...

Edit mode from the screen is only available to spotlight sample (I wonder how to make it available to other content holders...)

Well, i will keep trying to unveal the misteries of CMS.

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hello Diogo,

The edit mode you are referring to is the feature ICE (InContext Editing). To activate it for any content, you need to set the "url" attribute in content container DIV, using an ICE function "ICE_GetCMSContentURLFromContext(ContentId, FolderId, ObjectSpec, ContenBrowse)".

ICE_GetCMSContentURLFromContext parameters:
- ContentId: Id of the CMS Content to Edit
- FolderId: FolderId of the CMS Content to Edit
- ObjectSpec: Specific Object or Prop in Content / Folder to edit
- ContentBrowse: Whether folder is to be browsed or not

You can take as an example the spotlight container DIV that has an extended property called "url" with the value "ICE_GetCMSContentURLFromContext(GetSpotlightContent.ContentList.Current.GENERIC_CONTENT.Id, NullIdentifier(), "Content", false)".

ICE will then find these containers and once activated (if the user has permissions) will allow you to edit the contents.

I hope this helps you unveiling the mysteries of CMS and keep posting your questions and progresses.
Pedro Queirós
Thank you very much Pedro,

I have managed to expand the edit now to other contents.

Now i am having a different situation. I was trying to upload an image to use it on spotlight, and "Image Converter" extension is being used to convert the image i specified.

I keep getting the message "Could not save the content. Thumbnail file type not supported"...

I tried to open the extension Image Converter, which refers to a ImageConverter.chm file, but i cannot find it anywhere...

I have tried png, gif, jpg...

I will keep trying workarounds...but if anyone can help, i will be thankful

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hello, i have one question about the edit mode applied to a container, wich is; to implement the edit mode, beside the extended properties what do i need to make it possible ?

(What i would like to do is that after the login - depending on the permissions - that the container become editable. I do not intend to use the switch web block )

Best Regards;


I know it's a long time ago, but I'm struggling with the CMS and the ImageConvert.
Getting tghe same error "type not supported"
Any idea how (or if) you've fixed the problem.

Some more diggin get me to another error on the ImageConverter. See my post here