[OutDoc] Compatability issue with P11

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Published on 2019-12-08 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2019-12-08 by OutSystems R&D

The latest version 3.0.6 (O11) of this component is not compatible with version although Service Studio doesn't point this incompatibility allowing this version to be installed in the environment.

Opening the OutDocs in Service Studio and refreshing references gives a broken reference in RuntimeKind entity of System module..


Environment System version:

Any ideas ?


Hi Tiago,

Indeed you might need to install version 3.0.2 of OutDoc, as newer versions require more recent versions of the platform. Although the component does not use new features, it does reference system entities that contain different data (in this case the newer types of apps to support reactive web apps and libraries).

Tiago Simões


Thanks Tiago.. it worked.. but I think someone needs to update the platform version requirement for this component.. cheers