Question on Enterprise Manager Entity structure

Question on Enterprise Manager Entity structure


I'm using the Hierarchy functionality that is provided by Enterprise Manager.
Altough I can define the costumer's hierarchical structure using this functionality, I don't see a way to indicate who is the manager of a group, or at least, who is the manager of a particular user.

I need this functionality in order to send emails to notify the manager of a user when the user makes a request in one of my applications.

Do I have to program this "manager functionality" in a new entity or is there a way to do it using the standard Enterprise Manager, wich I'm not aware of?
Hi again,

I'm sorry to insist, but I need a quick answer to this, even if the answer is "there's no way to do it with the standard Enterprise Manager".

Hi Gonçalo,


There is no built-in attribute that I am aware of but to do that you either create some some intermediate manager groups, use permission areas and check for them to discover managers, or as you say you can have this in a new entity attribute.



Tiago Simões

Thanks Tiago.
That's what I thought. Do you think this post could be turned into a wish for a future release?