I want to better architect my single application into a multi-application solution that conforms to 4LC. Currently I have two modules. One holds only the data. The other holds all else. I created a new service application to hold the data. When I tried to move the data module into the new service application, I was limited to only web applications as targets. This seems odd. Why would I not be able to move my data module to a service application?

What is the best type of application / module to hold only your data entities? How do I move my current data module to it?



Hi Bill,

OutSystems has features available to you to convert web modules to service.modules.

Maybe reading the following document will help you understand how to proceed:





Hi Bil,

If you observed the web applications has a interface tab which is not available in Service modules (applications) and thus you can only move a web module to another web application and not to any service application. In service applications you cannot have module with interfaces defined in it.



Thanks to both of you for your responses. The article contained the detail I needed.

More info for future readers of this post.

My data module was my first module in my first application with OutSystems. I inadvertently created it as a traditional web module. That is why I could not move it into a service app. Once I converted the data module from traditional web to service, I was able to move it to the service app where I wanted it without problems.