I am trying to consume a REST API which is having access through VPN. We are using Outsystems cloud platform and not On Premise.Am not able to get the request as am not having VPN connectivity. Can anyone guide me on this that how we can set up VPN connectivityfor this API in our Outsystems cloud platform. 

Will it be feasible to use public IP and provide proxy to the inner end points or should we contact outsystems support to give VPN access?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Aditya Kumar Bhatt,

You need to contact OutSystems Support and request they setup the VPN for your OutSystems Enterprise infrastructure so it has access to your intranet.

Hope this helps

Hey! hi Jorge,
Thanks for the reply. We are thinking of the same. Will this be more feasible than setting up a proxy in public IP.

A proxy in public IP will be publicly accessible, a VPN configuration will keep your REST API internal to your network.