Screen freezes in Outsystems web App

OS version: OUTSYSTEMS 10

Application type: WEB


I am facing a bit weird problem in my web application.

The screen freezes at 80% in progress bar but the logs show that flow has been completed.

I am performing heavy computations on the web screen which has plugin calls on 80% but no REST API calls.

Also, I have increased the IIS timeout to a significant extend so that the whole operation is completed well in IIS timeout limit.

Is there any other timeout on outsystems or integration studio plugin side which i need to take into consideration? 

Additional information:

Whole computation requires 5 mins to complete and IIS timeout is more than 10 mins. After timeout limit is reached, application shows an connection reset error.

Refer the screenshots for details.


Ishan Wasnik

Can you try to inspect element and go to Console tab to determine further errors?

@Phillip Bismonte Please find the errors in console tab: