Destination in human activity of Outsystems 11 reactive web app (Processes)

Hi  Outsystems Team,

I am trying to create a Business processes flow in Outsystems 11 Reactive web application. I could not see destination attribute in the human activity to redirect the user to complete the activity. I could see it only in traditional web application modules. 

How to handle this in reactive web app? 




Hi Karthik,

Currently the destination property is not available in reactive web apps. 

The workaround is to use a traditional web process with a traditional screen that redirects to your reactive web screen. Or have an entity to match activities with screens. 

In any case we expect to support the destination property in reactive web apps in the near future.

Tiago Simões 


Hi Karthik,

Human activities are not (at least not yet) supported in reactive web applications.

Also the Taskbox will not show for reactive web apps.

You need to program the human activities destinations screens using traditional web app.