Reactive Web: Inherit Global Exception Handler from "Home" Module

I haven't been able to find a way or find any documentation explaining how to do this: Is it possible for modules to inherit the OnException from a "Home" module? 

For more context we have a Home module, which is the entry point for our application and includes the Login screen and Theme (including left nav menu, header, footer). In it's Common flow we have the OnException action. Our other application modules reference Home to inherit the above mentioned elements, with the exception of OnException. Is it possible to also inherit the OnException so that exceptions from consumer modules bubble up to it? That way we can have one true Global Exception Handler instead of having to make copies.


Hi Joseph,

In mobile and reactive web apps Exception flows are not able to be public yet. That will be implemented soon. In the meantime the only possible workaround is to have copies of it.

Tiago Simões


Thank you, Tiago. I look forward to the future implementation!