HIghchart Plotlines

Hello Team,

How can we add segment of Plotlines in Y axis for ranged data in X-axis of  linegraph using Highcharts?

Did you check the Highcharts API Reference to check whether it's in there?

I don't know if I understood what you want to do, but I guess you need the useHTML option for formatting if you more than what's provided out-of-the-box. Draggable plot-lines don't seem to be supported directly, though here and here are some fiddles that implement some JavaScript to do the trick.

Hello Nuno,

I did check Highcharts API Reference, but there is no out of the box functionality to draw multiple plot lines on Y-axis.

To further explain my requirement, we have months  on X-axis grouped by year and values on Y-axis.I want to draw plot line on Y-axis for each year on X-axis.so we will have multiple plot lines on Y-axis.

Have attached the required chart.That should explain everything basically !!

Any Help would be appreciated for the above request !! 


I don't have the solution for you, but if you can't get it to work, maybe see how it looks if you add them as extra series.  I'm sure you can play around with line style to kind of mimic a plotline...

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