Single Logout handling based on session variable value


I'm trying to add single logout handling to our application. It uses SSO, so on Outsystems side w're using only one user/role (like: Logged_in_user).

We trying to add simple REST web service that will receive session id as an input parameter that should close a specific session on application side. Session id is stored in session variables. Is there possibility to close specific session based on value of session variable?

Did you check the IdP component, that handles the SSO logout?


Thank you for responses. Yeah I'm aware of IdP Component and all other mentioned links but this approach, if I'm understand this correctly will require to create new account on SP side (Outsystems app) each time new user is trying to authenticate on SSO. I would like to prevent that and keep with one user with multiple sessions. So I think my question can be asked like this: Is it possible to close a specific session for a user with multiple active sessions via for example REST service on SP (Outsystems app).