XIF XmlToJson No stable version for your environment

Hi there,

I want to install XmlToJson component from Forge. But I can't install directly and see a red message: "No stable version for your environment".

Since it's an XIF file, how can I install it? I can't see Install... button, only the Download button, and the downloaded file is an XIF file.

After downloading and opening XIF file with Integration Studio, connecting to my personal environment and publishing it => I got an error at the updating source code step (Access denied error to MacOS/Home/Desktop... .NET DLL files because I used Parallel to run Windows from Mac). While in Mac, there is no Integration Studio. That's why I used Parallel + Windows.

Any idea about this case? Thanks in advance!



Hi Minh,

I can see that forge component supports version 10 and 11 of OutSystems.
If you're using one of these you can download the version for your platform and then publish it via service center (inside factory tab)

Would this help you?


Thanks, Paulo. It's working!