Page header and content of page overlapping in ultimate PDF


We are building a PDF report using forge component "Ultimate PDF",

the report contains a page header image, page count in footer, and a table as main content.

the requirement is that the data in the table might exceed the page size so on each page the table header should be repeated.

Now after using ultimate pdf forge component, in the print layout of ultimate PDF there are 3 placeholders : header, main content and footer.

we put the required image in the header, table in main content and page number webblock in the footer,

it is working fine when the generated PDF report contains only single page.

But if the data in the table exceeds, we face a problem as shown in the screen shot below

Are we missing something here?

as we can see in the screenshot, in the pagebreak, the table header should come in the next page,

and the content of the table should be below the header image.


Hi Sachin,

You can use following css:

table { 

tbody { 

tr {
    page-break-inside: auto;


You Can go throw the below link for refrence:

Hope this will help you.