Self User Provider

Hi All,

I want to have a separate user provider for my application instead of using same User application of Outsystems.

All I have is 2 modules- one is UI module and Core module.

I have managed dependency from systems to have Roles, Users, User_Role, ESpace.

I have changed my core module's User provider to Current ESpace and updated accordingly in UI module as well.

All I know is I need to have a register page for the user to register and keep it Anonymous so that all users can register.

Please help me to proceed through this.


Ankita Kulkarni


Hi Ankita,

In OutSystems parlance, a User Provider is an eSpace that acts to create "user spaces", that is, it allows you to have, per application, different groups of users, that cannot login in the other applications. However, you should not avoid the User Entity when creating users, as otherwise all the functionality OutSystems provides for loggin in and Privileges can't be used - something you surely don't want!

Hi Kilian,

I understand your suggestion. But our requirement is such that we need to use other User Provider and not the Outsystems User Provider.

Can you please suggest me on how to achieve it?


In that case, you need to build everything yourself, and you cannot use any OutSystems provided user management. This is a bad requirement. The person that came up with this either doesn't understand the technical workings of the Platform, or is trying to circumvent the user limit of the licence, which is criminal. Basically, you should not do that.


Hi Ankita,

Just to complete a bit what Kilian mentioned, is normal that a customer already has is User Provider and want to keep it.

In this case, you need to suggest (or simply implement it), a sync mechanism between that User Provider and OutSystems Users ensuring that the customer providers is the master of the relation.

Hope this help

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