Can outsystems upload pictures to the file server

Can outsystems upload pictures to the file server ?         

If you can, what's the way? Thank you! 

I'd suggest you explore the Directory sample app on the Forge. It has that same use case, with a little extra of being able to crop the image.

This component also seems to do what you want? (Disclaimer: I've never used it, basing the suggestion on the description the team provides).

Hope this helps.

Hi le le,

If your file server is different than your app server than you need to have a drive\directory mapped to your app server (mapped network drive). Also the IIS user needs to have access permission (read\write) to the mapped drive  and than you can use the forge Filesystem to write the file\image.




Outsystems can able to upload files into the server. Also, outsystems can able to convert the image to a binary file and store it into a database. You can able to fetch it from there. Please check the OML file.

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