[Reactive Web] Using Entity Action from External DB as Condition Start/Launch On

We are implementing Azure Service Bus with our microservice architecture. To do so, we want to fire off an asynchronous event after an entity is created/updated/deleted. To do this, we are looking at using a series of Processes. However, I cannot figure out how to conditional start/Launch On using an external db entity. All of our microservices will be using external entities (which DO have entity actions on them). However, none of these events display as an option when trying to set the condition start/Launch On properties of the Process.

How do I use an external entity action as a conditional start/Launch On event? If it's not possible then what would be the next best option for creating an asynchronous call on C/U/D of the external entity? It looks like I can manually call the process immediately after the Entity Action, but I'm not sure if that would execute it asynchronously or not. Thoughts/ideas?


Hi Joseph,

Triggering processes on entities events is only possible on Outsystems entities. I think launching the process by yourself after the entity action is a good option. and yes this manual launch will also be asynchronous.