How to connect to OutSystems database via Infosistema DMM migrate data forge componen

Hi there,

Some time in the future, we'll be moving a couple of applications to another environment.
Ideally, we'd migrate all the data along with that.
In another post, someone mentioned Infosistema DMM from the forge.

Currently, I'm tying to figure out how to connect to the OutSystems database from the old environment.

some questions:

  • which server do I choose for the standard OutSystems relational model? - we're using OutSystems 11, standard OutSystems relational database
  • Do I simply input the server address also used wben I to connect to that server in OutSystems Service Studio?
  • What do I fill in for Initial Catalog?
  • Should I use the 'encrypt' checkbox?

    thanks in advance!


Thank you, Luis!