Could you please provide more information about the system entities? what each entity are used for , &the type of information is stored in these entities.


Hi Robert,


Sorry, there is no official documentation for these entities yet, so they should be regarded as unofficial API's and as a rule of thumb I would use them with care and more to read data that to write. There is however documentation on breaking changes to these entities whenever they exist between versions.


To my knowledge the most commonly used entities (in more advanced projects) are the Entity, Entity_Attr, Espace, Log_* (the log files of ServiceCenter) and the Cyclic_Job and Meta_Cyclic_Job (aka service studio timers).


Were you looking for something in particular? 



Tiago Simões


Is there a way to disable or enable a timer from SQL or by using the system entities Meta_Cyclic_Job?

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I've got a solution:

/* Deactivate all timers */
DROP TABLE ActiveCycilcJobs;

, (SELECT NAME FROM ossys_Espace WHERE id = (SELECT espace_id FROM ossys_Meta_Cyclic_Job WHERE id = AS eSpace
, (SELECT NAME FROM ossys_Meta_Cyclic_Job WHERE id = AS NAME
, next_run
, (SELECT is_active FROM ossys_Meta_Cyclic_Job WHERE id = AS is_active
INTO ActiveCycilcJobs
FROM ossys_Cyclic_Job cj
WHERE next_run !='3000-01-01'
AND (SELECT is_active FROM ossys_Espace WHERE id = (SELECT espace_id FROM ossys_Meta_Cyclic_Job WHERE id = = 1

UPDATE ossys_Cyclic_Job SET next_run='3000-01-01' WHERE id IN (SELECT id FROM ActiveCycilcJobs)

/* select all deactivated timers */
SELECT * FROM ActiveCycilcJobs

/* Activate all timers */
UPDATE ossys_cyclic_job
SET next_run=aj.next_run
FROM ossys_cyclic_job CJ
INNER JOIN ActiveCycilcJobs AJ
ON =

DROP TABLE ActiveCycilcJobs;

There is a lot done in the past years on official API's. Is there now a more 'official' way to enable / disable / wake Timers (i ran into an old post from myself).

Mattias -

There is a "WakeTimer" action that does just that, I do not know if there are any other Timer-related actions built in now.

Ok... Wake is not the problem.. I meant enable / disable / change schedule of a Timer.
Hi Matthias,

Sorry for the late answer....

There's a runtime property Schedule in the timer object to which you can assign programmatically a string that respects the Schedule Formats.

I hope this helps you.