[DB Cleaner on Steroids] DBCleanerS - Timeout Error

Forge Component
Published on 19 May by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes
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Published on 19 May by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes

Hello, we're experiencing a timeout error when trying to access Log Tables > Extensions or Integrations to clear up database space.

See attached screenshot error1:

A workaround I tried was to schedule an automated cleanup which results in a different error when the clean up reaches the [6] log cycle:

Are there any resolutions for this?


Hi Colin,

Not sure about the component you are using, but you may try out DBCleaner forge component.



Hi collim, both errors are related to timeout, which means your log table might be too big. Can you have a look at the number of records you have on those tables?

You can increase the timeout on the connection to your database on the configuration tool (if you got access).

Alternatively you can customize the component to consider running the delete statements on a limited number of records instead of the whole table in a row.


Hi.. The best way to solve this is indeed to schedule jobs to clean up logs using this component. You can also adjust the number of records to delete down if you think that is an issue. This can be done in service center.  Do not use the older DBCleaner component since it does not do anything with the log files/


Thanks for all the suggestions. With the rotation of logs automatically set by OutSystems and reducing the amount of logs to be deleted resolved the issue.