Is it possible to use Azure AD Authentication (Outsystems Users - Configure Authentication) for multiple apps? Future applications will have different users on it. 

Is it possible to do this without using plugin like IdP SSO? Many thanks!


If you implement this using the forge component Microsoft Login Connector then you can do this.

If you do it with the latest platform version that now includes AzureAD authentication I don't know.

You need to define an app in azure and on the OutSystems component you will point to it. The documentation of the component explains how to set it up.

In azure AD you than have to define the users and groups.

Be aware that each Azure user will be added as OutSystems user in the OutSystems user provider.

I would suggest therefore to setup the authorization per OutSystems app by means of groups and roles on Azure and map them to OutSystems groups and roles, and not using multiple AzureAD.