Hi All,

I have an application created with 4 Layer canvas architecture.

And I had followed one of the best practise suggested that all UI screens should be in single module.

And then the functional moduling can be done with webblocks in different modules added to UI screen module.

So now I have almost 10 modules. And I see whenever the application loads up all the 10 modules are loaded up.

Is there way to improve or is there something Im following wrong.

Kindly advise.


From what you say, you understand that we are talking about a Mobile application, correct?

Hello Ajithkumar.

The division in modules is a best practice because the app gets easier to maintain over time.

Ten may seem a lot now, but years from now, when you need to change something, you will be glad you only need to edit and publish one. And if you have to reuse some modules it is even better because you don't have to do them again.

I was the architect of several applications and some I did in a single module (a young and naive me), while others were split in more than 20 modules (the 2019 version of me). If the app is simple, you can forget the rules and combine modules in a more readable format.

Remember that you may not be the last person to program such app and having it the best way for you is completely different from having it the globally decided best way. I had to pick applications from others and took months to untangle everything they did in a single module.

About best practices, you can only delay the sync of data, all modules should be loaded at start.