How many times can i repeat the certification test?

If you fail the test, you have to pay a new fee.

You can repeat as many times as you want, but that is an extra incentive for you to pass at first.

You need to pay, book 3 days in advance, take the test... so I say you can repeat it every week.


Can i repeat the test without pay?

I’m afraid you cannot Felipe.



If your reason for failing the exam is technical, such as your ProctorU connection dropped, and similar scenarios, you get in touch with OutSystems and explain what happened, and they looked it up. Another case is imagine that you fail the exam for one question, and you for the topics that give you about the questions you missed, suspect that the question you may have been wrong may have another interpretation, also here contact OutSystems and they analyzed. In these types of scenarios, after review by OutSystems, I think you can repeat without paying anything. In any other situation you will have to pay for a new exam. And as Nuno said, you can repeat the exam as many times as you want. Just a correction to what Nuno said, the first time you bookmark the exam, you can bookmark it to start in the next 10 minutes, I've done it myself. If you want to reschedule the exam (ie you already have the exam scheduled), then you have to reschedule or cancel the exam up to 72 hours before.


Hi Felipe and Nuno,

As far as I know OutSystems never makes revisions on the contents of the exam. Also, as stated in the email you received after failing an exam, fees are applicable when re-registering for an exam.