[Combobox]Possible to populate data only one combobox with 2differentSourceRecordList

Hello everyone.

I want to know about Combobox.

I have one combobox.

I have two recordlist(eg RecordList A and RecordList B)

and I have an Id passed from my List screen.

I want to populate data only one Combobox with two different SourceRecordList(in this issuse RecordList A and B) ,so I add an condition in combobox properties of SourceRecordList like if(Id <> NullIdentifier(),RecordListA,RecordListB) but it not work.I think it is a little crazy.Is there another way to solve this issuse? somebody point me please.


Hi May,

I would create a local variable that is a list type of your record and dynamically populate this variable with records from list A or list B.As i don't have all of the information surrounding when you want this to populate i will show you an example of how it could be done below.

For example.

Create local variable that is a record list type and assign to a combo box.

Two radio check boxes, 1 selects list A to be loaded into local variable and there other selects List B.

In the on change event of each radio checkbox assign a screen action. Inside this screen action use the Assign widget to assign the local variable list you the required list depending if list a is true or list b is true. Then perform an ajax refresh on the combo box.

I hope this makes sense.