missing or broken references after OS 11 upgrade

Hi Community, 

recently we finally upgraded our environment from OS 10 to OS 11. 

After republishing and managing all espaces and dependencies in dev-env nearly all espaces broke due to missing, inconsistent or outdated references. 

I am pretty sure that it might be because of Silk UI or Dublin Template as those are the only common contexts between all broken espaces. Also, as I changed the template for one of the espaces to an Outsystems UI template the espace was available again. 

Does anyone know this bug and can help me on it? Silk UI as well as Dublin Template are both on the latest Version.

I didn´t plan to change the UI of all my modules within the next days...

Thank you! 


The error message doesn't look very useful to understand for me.

You said you republished it all, did it via Service Center? If not, it is an idea that from what I have read, has resulted:

  • Have you ever try to re-publish on service center? - You may see more details about the error.
  • Did you refresh the dependencies of the application before publishing?
  • If it's possible could you check & share logs on the service center?

With best regards,
Nuno Verdasca

Hi Tobias,

What happens when you open one of the broken modules and Manage Dependencies...? It should tell you what the specific dependency issue is.

If you upgraded an existing environment, all your existing modules should still be working, as long as they are not affected by any breaking changes in OutSystems 11.

Have you followed the installation checklist and, after the upgrade, created a solution (with everything that is not installed via the System Components solution) and publish it? That should be enough to fix all reference issues of any modules within the solution (including Silk UI modules and your own applications' modules)

Hi Tobias,

Did you publish a solution containing all modules after installing the latest versions of SilkUI and Dublin Template?



Thanks Guys, 

I was guessing updating everything in service studio (using this new little bell in the upper right) would be sufficient... but of cause updating in service is the right way.