Reactive webhook update how to process?


From a reactive screen I trigger a process on the server. That calls a service from a external party. Trough a webhook we get a update from the external party and based on that we would like to inform the screen. The only solution I could think of was letting the screen call a service action for getting the status update. If no update then call the server again and again and again till there is a update. Only this is not a real nice thing. Is there any other way to do this with Reactive?

Hi freek,

On reactive since the fetch data from other sources is asynchronous you can make the service call.  And, in the same fetch, after the call keep waiting till you get the needed response.

Th better solution would be using something like Pusher API to send a message after you get the response. There is already one component for web traditional and maybe you can change it a bit to reactive