How to make Link Text dynamic and concatenated with variable

I need to make the text of the link widget dynamic: text concatenated with data or variable similar to the "Value" property of the Expression widget. 

For the "title" attribute of the Link widget I can do it as shown below but for the text of the link itself there is no Expression Editor, I can enter plain text only.

So instead of just "Call us", I want it to be "Call us at 01-2345678" which will be specific to the location in each item. 

Appreciate your help.

Thanks and regards, 

Hi Maitha,

What you want to do is put an expression widget inside of your link widget. If you already have a normal text widget inside your link remove it and place an expression widget in there instead (see screenshot)

Once this is done you can use the Value property of the expression widget to concatenate your text with a variable (See screenshot below)


Let me know if you get stuck.


This helped me a lot!

Thanks a lot Jack! 

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