OutSystems to Google BigQuery

Hi guys,

I need a mechanism to import data from OutSystems to Google BigQuery.

What I'm struggling with is Google OAuth2.

I need the data sync job runs in the background without the user's interaction. So, I'm thinking of the way to use Google's Service Account JSON file to do the job.

I found the component here: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/5690/google-cloud-bigquery-v2-lib

However, it only supports query data from BigQuery. My need is pushing data to BigQuery.

Another approach could be using BigQuery REST API but it requires Access-Token which is temporary and short-time living.

What I have is Google Service Account + BigQuery full access.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Minh,

I havent done this myself but after some light reading here I had an idea for you.


1 - Expose your outsystems data via exposing a rest API.

2- Consume this data into Google BigQuery with a discovery document (These are used to consume Restful APIs in Google Bigdata)


Let me know how you go, would be interested to know how you solve your problem and which method you use.