Hello everybody,
I need help with custom Audio tag on mobile screen. I'm using it for playing binary data from local DB. So I have list, in each list item this HTML element. The problem I am not able to solve for couple of hours is displaying this tag. It is 50% times displayed correctly, but 50% times is displayed with wrong width as in included picture. After click on the visible part of this tag it appear to correct width.

I think it is not problem with styling. I have tried various CSS property, direct style attribute, it effect the final size correctly, but described problem persists.

I have tried:
Binding the src value directly to DB using function binary to base64.
Setting default value to the src base64 text variable to never be empty.
Moving the html tag into own web block with converting binary to base64 in OnInitialize to local variable and this bind as src (as well as passing converted text directly as input param).
OnAfterFetch filling converted data into local text list a this one bind as source.
And many other combinations...

When I debug it inspecting it in Chrome it always appear with correct width.
I am not able to share my project.

Thanks a lot for any help!


- It may be because of some heavy operations.

- try to debug on the device directly & if possible setup ADB logger so that you can see the memory consumption.

Hi, thanks for your reply.I will continue with debugging and logging.