List Sort

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First the data are sorted by CountryCode then it's sorted by StateCode the results are then
shown on the countrystate list page. The results are however incorrect, its using alphabetical sort, but StateCode are actually alphanumerical values (ie StateCode: For US and Canada ISO-3166-2 code are used. Outside of the US, FIPS 10-4 code are used)
If anyone can help, I would also greatly appreciate a solution to this problem, please. There should be a way to tweak the specification of the column that is being sorted?

Hi Robert,


Sorry but I don't quite understand your issue. If you put StateCode as an Integer won't you get the results you expect?


If you really need that to be Text you can try to use this tip on Natural (human alpha-numeric) sort with an AdvancedQuery.



Tiago Simões