How do you reclaim your personal environment?

The company that I work for has been slow to setup our OutSystems environment.  In fact, as of this post, they still have not finished the setup.

Bak in July of 2019, our company sent 3 of us to Atlanta for training.  Since our company has not setup OutSystems in our environment, after our training, we came back and played with OutSystems for a few weeks using environment that was setup up for our training back in July of 2019.  A couple of weeks ago I tried to get to my projects when I found out that my environment had been wiped clean, and that I needed it to be reclaimed.  Can someone provide me with the steps so that I can reclaim my personal environment from my training?

Creating and restoring backups is not available for personal environments.

Nuno Verdasca


Hi Curtis.

Sorry, but now is too late.

When your machine is sent to sleep, you get a warning. You can put it back up with everything as before.

When your machine is turned off, you get an email with the source of the apps. It gives you a link and you have a couple of months to get it back (no data though).

After that, there is no backup.


Unfortunately is too late! :(

To avoid this connect to your personal environment from time to time!