We have 2 apps:

- 1 is reactive 

- 2 is traditional.

When I go to app 2 and login and then go to app 1 this app does not recognize that I'm already a registered user. Both apps use the same user provider.

Where on platform: Version 11.0.607.0

Anyone know if there bugs in this OS version?

Hi Freek,

This is not a bug.
SSO is a not implemented feature (yet) for REACTIVE applications (at least between them and Traditional Web).

OutSystems is working on this and this may be implemented in the near future (Q1 or Q2, hopefully).

If you really need this, you will have to come up with some kind of workaround, so that it checks if the user is already logged somehow... (no ideas at the moment) @Marcelo has a possible workaround in the next post.

Hi freek,

While Outsystems doesn't implement SSO you can use this component.



Nice finding, @Marcelo :)

Indeed, thanks for the workaround Marcelo :-)

Ah so if the two apps where both reactive or both native there is no problem only when there different the user has to login twice? Or we can use the module as @Marcelo is saying.

Hi freek,

Yes the problem is only when the type of apps are different. In those cases use the component and that way the users will not need to login the second time.