Full Client Crash When Copying Components In Reactive

I have found a bug whereby if you have two projects open, in my case a reactive project i'm working on and a new project I created to grab a copy of the default contents.

In the new project there is a menu - menu icon - UserInfo - ApplicationTitle WebBlock

I copied all of these apart from the ApplicationTitle to my working project as I removed them thinking I did not need them.

Even though the menu contains the ApplicationTitle, it raised no errors that it was missing a component, and upon clicking publish the studio crashes and I can no longer publish projects until i reboot the outsystems dev studio.

After realising I missed a component I copied the ApplicationTitle across and the issue no longer presented itself.

I thought i would raise the issue here in case others are getting a similar problem. It seems there is not sufficient validation when copying components between projects!

Thank you, Adam.

The OutSystems team was informed about this. 


Hi Adam,

Even though the ApplicationTitle is was not copied, the IDE probably added the reference automatically. Can you check if you have a dependency to the first application, with the ApplicationTitle?

I tried to replicate the issue, by creating a similar flow. In my case, everything went fine - ApplciationTitle was added as a dependency, and I was able to publish. In order for us to better troubleshoot it, did you send feedback in any way? Also, what version of the IDE are you using?

Finally, are you able to consistently reproduce this behavior? If so, can you please describe it?


Ricardo Alves