Deeplink (clickable icon) to numpad native app mobile?

Hi everyone, 

is it possible to create a deeplink from a mobile app (that also created in Outsystems) to numpad/keypad native application in mobile? here's the scenario:

1. list of clickable icons with number:

2. after an icon is clicked it will direct to a keypad native app filled with the selected number (or even better call the number instead)

is it possible in Outsystems? what are the requirements such as Forge component, enabled feature in certificate (for iOS) perhaps? thanks before.

Hi Aditya,

This should be simple without the need of any forge component. Just follow this answer on another post.



For phone number link, add a Link widget in your screen and set its "On Click" event to "RedirectToURL". Then, in the "URL" property, create an expression like this:

"tel:" + GetEntities.List.Current.Entity.MobileNumber

or Check this post