I need a Lazy Loading for a list.

When user loads the page there should be only 10 list and when he scrolls up another 10 should be added with the existing 10(Totally now there are 20) and again when scrolls another 10 should be added(Totally now there are 30).

What is the possible solution to achieve this please suggest

Hi Andrew,

please follow this link hope this will help you



also many forge component on outsystem you can try them.


Rahul Sahu

Hi Andrew,

Steps to achieve this,

1) Take a variable NumberOfRecords(set default value to 10)

2) Set NumberOfRecords this to the aggregate max records property

3) Add scroller end client action for the event in the list widget, and increment the NumberOfRecord count by 10

4) Refresh the aggregate again.

Hope this will help you.