Hello! I have a service where I can give the startindex and the max records. But what can I use in Outsystems that when your at the bottom of the screen that it loads the next ones?


List widgets have a OnScrollEnding event. If you are not using them you might need to create your own block with JS for that.


Tiago Simões 

I am using the table because that adds a nice header and keeps it all aligned.

In that case you’ll need to use JavaScript to detect the scroll and trigger an event. 

Hi Tiago,

Do you maybe have a example for me that I can use?

I think I'm looking for something that when it's visible in the screen that I trigger a client screen action.

Hi freek,

I don't, but this article might be useful: How to Know when an Element Gets Visible in the Screen During Scrolling to use inside a block.

You might have to also use js to click a hidden button that triggers an event to the page, just bear in mind that while the data is loading the element should also be visible, so you should only trigger the event if the data hasn't been fetched yet. You might want to see how lists are refreshed with infinite scroll on mobile apps, for inspiration.

Tiago Simões