Hi folks!

I have an entity in the server and locally in the device and I use the app with local storage to collect data and update the server. The sync between them are working properly, but I have the following situation: I deleted some records that were on the server side but in the local side exist data to upload for this same records, which gives me an sync error and don't update the database.

The question is: is there a way to delete the records in server side and update the local entity (delete the records locally) before it tries to upload the collected data of the deleted records?



Looks like there is an error in syncing logic. Usually when you are updating a record both in both device and server and doing a hard delete its better to keep it track in separate table and in sync logic first check for deleted records based last sync time and delete them locally or avoid hard delete altogether and update a flag in table and make the record inactive.

In Anyway its better to handle them in sync logic than trying to push them to device.