Richwidgets Input_Calendar date format different to service center


I'm using the Input_Calendar widget in a number of apps on the same server. In most of the apps, this is fine, as it is using UK date format, however, on one of the apps, I need this to be US date format. 

I know how to set the date format for the widget, but because Service Center is set to UK dates, the widget is having issue saving and loading as a US date. 

So my question is, how can I utilise this widget, or a similar one, so allow date selection, but for a US date format?

Date Pickers can be tricky, I'd say use an OnChange action so when someone picks a date from it, it converts it to the format you want and saves that to the variable.

Hi Jack ,

I have the same problem , i set the variable as text and then manipulate it.

I think is not the best way but it works for me.

Hope it help.

Best Regards