Hello Team,

We are going to migrate Oustsytem app from version 8 which has java flavor to Outsystems 11.

We are using On-Premise data base and would migrate it as well with data.

Could any one please help me out with the steps, that we should follow to minimize the issue?


Preeti Kumari


make sure you have a proper plan.

- do it version by version to make sure

- https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/36689/upgrading-from-os-8-to-os-10/

- https://itnext.io/migrate-outsystems-environment-from-java-stack-to-net-stack-ca2daeb9c42f

- check what specific java-components you are currently using.

My advice is to contact OutSystems Support in term of get there help.

It will be a very complex issue, and always with some surprise. 

But you are not the first one. It's possible.


Hi Preeti,

I’d go with J’s advice and do it version by version. The gap’s too big and to risky to upgrade it at once.

As for migrating the data as well, have a look at this article and make sure to select the appropriate version. There is no migration documentation for version 8, but I’m sure OutSystems Support can help you with that like Alberto proposed.



Thanks a lot to all of you, for your valuable inputs.This will surly help me while doing migration.