Is there any Special List section for Dropdown in Mobile development?

As I can see Special List section in combo box while developing in web and I can enter data manually in it.

But I am not able to see any such section in Dropdown widget for Mobile development in Outsystem.

Why there is lot of differences between name, terminology and features  between the common widgets same for mobile and web development. like in web we say combobox but in mobile it's dropdown.


Hello Manish

There is no special list in a dropdown.
If you want to create a list manually (like the special list in a combo box), you may need to add those elements to a local list (or the result of an aggregate, maybe) and provide this list to the dropdown.

If the reason is to provide a "select all" or "select something" option, you have the Empty Text property to use instead (not requiring a special list for that).

For a complete "manual" selection list you may opt by a different widget, like the BuutonGroup widget. The mobile experience is kind of different from that of Traditional Web.

Regarding naming conventions, can't say. Probably because Traditional Web is very old and Mobile is very recently. Now with Reactive applications, they unified the programming model, so there are no more differences like that.

Regarding features, well... Different programming models, more recent libraries, etc.

Hope this helps.




If you want only to add the empty value there is a property for that on dropdown. If you want to add more elements you need to use a action to fetch data with an aggregate and add elements to the list with listinsert or listappend.



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