Outsystems Reactive build editable

I'm trying to build a editable in reactive because this widget is not in reactive. I have a webblock with a input parameter: 'InputId' in here I fill the id of the table I want to convert to a editable. In the OnReady event of the webblock I initialise a peace of javascript that addes a save button to the table row. When the button is clicked javascript triggers a client action that triggers a event. Now the consumer of the webblock knows the save button is triggerd. Only the current row object of the list of the table is not in the correct row. There for the consumer of the webblock cant save. Does anyone has a idea how to do this?


If its not a widget you cannot access as current row, instead try passing currentRowNumber as input to action for processing. Do you have some sample oil that you can upload, I can give it a try to fix that.


Are you saying that it's not possible to build it like OS did? Because on the editable there was a option to do a on save action and in that action we could use the current row. Of course we could pass the currentRowNumber but that is not fancy right?