[Wish] Tablerecord Footer


Was nice if we could use/change a tablerecord footer like we can on a tablerecord header.
If a tablerecord can have a header why it cant have also the option to have a footer?

Best regards,
Luis P. Soares
Did you ever get a resolution for this?
I too would like to use a table footer.

oh yeah, would be a nice feature :)

Seems to be simple, just a property "Show Footer" in table records like "Show Header"...
It's seems pretty easy to add a footer to the table (html+css)...
I'm not sure if I understand the problem... What would this footer have?

Hello guys,
I agree with Rúben..Can´t see the problem to do this with HTML+CSS or even using a small jQuery plugin with an option to enable/disable the footer appearance.
I assume it's to be able to add (sub)totals the outsystems way, without having to "inject" those totals/summaries in the recordlist itself or using jquery/html/css or whatever.

Not only sub(totals), in my case I need to complete a kind of a graphic that my table do...