We are constructing our customers environment.
The infrastructure has one gateway with SSL certificate and connection between the gateway and platform server is not encrypted.

So we used settings describing in the following page.

The gateway are adding a header "X-Forwarded-Proto: https" to every request certainly.
And platform database OSSYS_PARAMETER table has a row with name='OutSystems.HubEdition.HTTPtoHTTPSproxyHeader' and val='X-Forwarded-Proto: https'.
And of-course the server restarted after applying the settings.

But our IIS server returns redirection address with http protocol.
For example, using Raise Exception tool in my action flow is expected error page with https url. But our IIS returns the redirection address with http protocol. I checked the IIS log and confirmed that X-Forwarded-Proto header were added certainly.

What is that we need to check?

Platform Server: 11.0.609.0 and 11.7.1.

Best regards.

I realized that modifying protocol of location field in redirect response header is the task of the gateway.

Sorry for posting garbage.