RollOver image effect or flash file

RollOver image effect or flash file

What I want to know is.

How can I change the image OnMousHover / Enter / Over / Down / Up / Click.
How can I use a flash file in my page

Can someone show me an example I am a beginner and have tried the OmlResources.exe
with a flash file to add to the oml resource this would solve a big problem.
If the SWF file can also link to a destination like WebScreen1.
But OmlResources.exe not working at all, and i use windows 7 also tried a Method
( Topic: Flash in Web Pages. 2005-02-01 18:38:12 from Name: Miguel Melo ).

The only thing i want is a mouseover efects ( Or images Or swf ) Please help.
Hi Cailey,

Here's a simple example of how to use Javascript for rollover images:

1. Upload your images to the eSpace;
2. Add a name to your image to be later referenced by the Javascript code (e.g. MyImage)
3. Add a link to the image and set its Extended Properties as follows:
  • a) onmouseover: "document.getElementById('" + MyImage.Id + "').src='img/imageA.gif';"
  • b) onmouseout: "document.getElementById('" + MyImage.Id + "').src='img/imageB.gif';"

This will give you the desired rollover image effect.

Have fun,
Pedro Gonçalves
I tried your sample and i am very happy thanks to your help