[OneSignal Plugin] Onesignal Failed to register: Missing oneSignal UserId or PushToken

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Published on 2019-10-18 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2019-10-18 by OutSystems R&D


I believe that version 3.1.1 is no longer working. If I try to register a device using the "Register" client action, an error is returned that no UserID or PushToken was provided.

Also, the device is never registered.

I followed the tutorials provided for the plugin. 

Other users are reporting the same problem on forge.

Hi Pieter, 

Yep we cant register with android, I also face this problem, we should wait for them to update this component i think.


Abdiel Alvin

I am using it and It is working fine on my side, may you please send a simple oml, replicating your flow. so that I might see where the problem might be.



Hi Segonto

This app has two buttons. One for registering and one for un-registering. 

The AsyncRegistration property on the Register action is set to False. 

Hi Pieter

According to your Example, the flow is okay, but you are getting the error because the users are not linked with the device they will use to receive notifications. (The user Id and device Id are used in the registration process)

when a user is registered their Userid is linked to the device id that they will use the app on, to receive notifications.

my suggestion is, 

1 you move your action to the login See here on how to do it.

2 The users who will be using the app, must install the app on their devices and you give them the credentials to log in, and when they do that they will be registered.  if they are using one device, every time a user logs in, it will register that device with their UserId, canceling the previous user.

I hope this will help, let me know if this helped.




I followed the section for registering a device without a user (since that is the use case I have to work with). 

Also, I tried to use the RigisterWithUser on the login screen, but it generates the same error message.

What happens when you set the AsyncRegistration to False - Does it still work? Can you confirm on the OneSignal dashboard that the phone is registered?

Also, what version of MABS are you using to compile?

What happens when you set the AsyncRegistration to False - Does it still work?  Yes it is working

if you see the picture below, the sm-G532F  was registered today, the app version is 19 because I changed AsyncRegistration to False and published it.

I am using MAB 5.0

I hope that this helps




I don't completely follow what you mean. The application is run from a device on my side. The app also requires me to log in. Furthermore, the "register" client side action is executed as described by the documentation. I then output the error messages from the "register" client side action if the Success status property is False. The error I reported at the top is what the "register" client side action reports back.

Using the "RegisterWithUser" client side action in the Login (and ensuring that I'm presented with a login screen), I still get the same error message.

MABS v 5.0 is deprecated. I'm using 6.0 on my side (but I get the same error with 5.0). Are you using an older version of the plugin? Also, why are you using MABS 5.0? Is it an old application that you are using to test?


Hi Segonto

I installed an old version 2.1.0 plugin and compiled it against MABS 5.0. The test application works with this old version, but not with version 3.1.1 on MABS 6.0. I'm assuming that you did not test it against  3.1.1 and MABS 6.0

Kind regards

Hi Pieter

Yes, I am using version 3.1.1 on MABS 5.0.

but I will also do a test on version  3.1.1 on MABS 6.0, and I Will give you feedback, latest by Monday.



Hi Segonto

This is 3.1.1 on MABS 6.0:

This is 3.0.0 on MABS 5.0:

And the OneSignal Console for the working older plugin version:

I tested on Enterprise and personal platforms. If I may make a suggestion, don't use an old app when testing. Create a new one with a newly generated apk. 

Kind regards

Hello guys.

I'm also facing some issues while trying to use OneSignal.

Has anyone opened a support case about this?

Hi Ricardo. I've just opened a support ticked. 

I got a problem with this one too. I've generated with MABS version 5.2 (which is the only one in 5 version that hasn't been deprecated yet), also got this message when I try the debug:

Hey guys,

I got the exact same problem, I am still working on the subject, but let me share my discoveries.

The error message will always come up I think, check image (they are assigning that error always at the end of the flow.)

I really think that "data.to.userId" and "data.to.pushToken" it is not filled. And the RegisterUser action is never called. I am still testing this part, I will give you feedback tomorrow.

My plan is to revert and call the GetId action and put those parameters as Input for the javascript and replace the code.