Is there a way to find out from which page the use comes from

I want to know the page from where the use comes from.

so I know where I have to go back to if the User has done his stuff.

Hi Joost,


I have not tried this, but here's an idea:


You could have 2 session variables e.g. CurrentURL and PreviousURL.


Then, in the preparation of all web screen (or the preparation of a web block present in all screens) you could use HTTPRequestHandler extension:


- Session.PreviousURL = Session.CurrentURL

- Session.CurrentURL = HTTPRequestHandler.GetURL()


After this, whenever the you want to redirect the user to the previous screen you could use an external site with a dynamic URL parameter that receives the PreviousURL value.



Tiago Simões

I needed to do the same thing.

I worked, thank you.