Community edition limitations

Community edition limitations

Hello Outsystems,

I'm a new user of the outsystems community edition. We use outsystems at our company to, and I'm handeling the day to day server operations there so for me the step to try it out for myself was very small.
I think the best practice is to use the product, so I started to create something usefull.

I play a little game on the internet in my spare time called evony. in this game you play with about 100 people together and take over the world :)
The thing is we couldn't get enough information in and out of the game, so I created a little application wich could hold all the information we need to play the game even better.
The downside of the community edition is that you can only have a VERY limited number of registerd users and concurrent users :( as stated before, I've got about 100 people that would like to access my little application I'm running at home but due to the license limitation, I cannot :(
To overcome the registerd user limitation I had to build my own username & password entity doable but not very handy :S
Also if I was wondering what your thoughts where about this.
I've also uploaded the solution I've created just for you guy's to see wha't I've created so far.
I like the product a lot and I'm planning to do more with it in the future myself.

kind regards,

Hi Louis


Great use case!


I'm glad to know that you're digging into the community edition as well. :)


One of the community edition (CE) limitations is the number of users - limited to 5 concurrent users - and this can obviously kill the use case of a large number of users application.


However, 5 concurrent users is different of 5 registered end users.


A concurrent user is a simultaneous user session, while a registered user user is an active logon account on the applications. Active logon accounts are unlimited, but you can only have 5 logged on users, or 1 logged on and 4 anonymous which totalizes in 5 user sessions.


This will effectively limit the number of simultaneous users accessing the applications, even though you could have 100 logon accounts.


If you create your own user management architecture, you will be able to have unlimited registered end users, but will still be limited by the number of concurrent users. Not to mention that you'll lose all the permission areas and login/logout built in actions and funcionality, the Enterprise Manager integration and Role Management, and even distinguish the applications' logs by user.


So the only way, using the CE, to have 100 users accessing the application, is guarantying that only 5 at the time are accessing it ...


Hope this information is helpful.




Miguel Simões João